About me

My name is Twin Leelawanich (You may call me Lio). I’m an aspiring writer who want to become a great contributor for Media and Publishing industry. In my past experiences, I had a lot of obstacles in my mind that I had thought of both in fears and hesitations about my career. But after I realized my passion for writing; I’m really do desire to make something in my life.


Why I named the site “Optimism”?

Everyone does have at least one fear in their life; it maybe about career, relationship, external factors, or any other issues. Of course, you’re not alone; I was one of the people who had been afraid with failure too, which made me getting a horrible situation until I realize that life’s never going as you planned like always. You can always find a bright side in a horrible situation sometimes.

Now, I have a faith pushing through my dream vision! All of us need changes to become a great successful one. I believe that we can make through our problems by turning them from a negative into a positive with our optimism view. Lat’s begin our life anew again with a new perspective within a positive view!