My beginning of adulthood is really plain and simple since I came back home from study aboard for high school years. All I was doing is selling and selling many stuffs in my parents’ shop in the same time that I study in a business school. It turned out that I was ennui with it because there wasn’t anything new at all coming into my life. This feeling stayed the same until I can’t stand with the same old cycle in which goes on and on, my head was full of clouds losing a direction where to go… Yes, that’s my first attempt that I try to find my strong passion and talent; I stepped out to the outer world where I met many disappointment until I found mine.

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Now, my new direction has paved on my life journey after I have been accepted by The University of London International programmes, Goldsmiths College for an English Certificate of Higher education by online. Yes, I have decided learning more new knowledge for becoming a greater writer. This curriculum that I enrolled isn’t the same as my past education where I used to have been on sight of teachers such as my high school years. Yes, here isn’t the same place that I have ever been anymore; I do have to learn and study on my own discipline to get a fruitful outcome. The program gives me a thrilling challenge where I do have to organizing my study schedule and reading session with my own ability.

My goals for this program

There are many things that I have expected for outcomes from this experience.

  • Becoming an effective independent learner by self-motivation and effort.
  • Gaining a genuine understanding of Literary contexts.
  • Be able to write more reflectively and intriguingly for readers to have a joy within my imagination and actual experiences.
  • Learning to become a well-organized person.
  • Honing my analyzing skills and writing skills

Although, I was hesitating about the new challenges that I found from the online curriculum where I require to be on my own management into a tight scheduling time that I have from my work. My ambition always reminds me that there should be some way to achieve these goals within my time planning. Hence, I registered and got into the program as a rigor mountain for myself to climb urging for a change. Hopefully, my urging spirit for a change will shine me into a brighter light where I will find a new direction…

Please encourage me for this excursion, I hope that I will make an amazing contribution in near future!


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