Break your old cycle in a new day!

One day, I heard one video discussion from YouTube which was contributed by a Thai guy; he was talking about his past employment, which was pretty ennui for himself as he didn’t enjoy his life as the designer in one company. He explained in the video that the salary he received for each month in the company was only 20,000 Baht (about 602 USD) without any extra income for ten hours per day and five working days/week unlike others whom can gain extra money from commissions by sales plus their fixed salary about 15,000-20,000 Baht (about 450-602 USD) per month with eight hours per day and same amount of days as the designer depending on an experience of each sales.

Yes, The designer in the company doesn’t have a great benefit

As I mentioned about his salary against of how much time he work in the office, The numbers has shown disadvantage in term of his income when you measuring his amount to his friends’ possible incomes as well as his working time against others. Guess what he did, he resigned his job and becoming a freelance graphic designer with a help of social media for advertising his expertise in a community. The contributor said that it was the best decision that he had ever made in his life because not only he can work at home and save more time by not using his time for a driving to the workplace in the past, but also he can gain an income without depending onto orders from the boss or another word he becomes his own boss for his projects. When I paid an attention to his story and outcome of what he has decided, I recognize that many people do actually grow with the word called “Change.” 

Let's make a change, for a success.jpgThe powerful meaning of the word “change”here.

This word isn’t for making or becoming a different just the outer part, but it comes with a fresh new idea from the contributor where he dare move on a distinct path to many of his former colleagues in the office. He truly presents me a nice model of a divergent and modern life where we can freely plan what we want to do exactly for our lives. The last thing he left in the end of video is “If you need a new lifestyle, break your old cycle then the new events will be able to get into your life.” I agreed with what he has told, doing old stuffs will not able leading me into a new path where we ended up in the same place; Opening a new door will let us finding the word “Change” in which will guide you to the word of “success” because a countless achievement does coming from a great transition.

A void in darkness and smokey clouds
The signs of hopelessness and depression
Nowhere to go and nowhere to find ways
Make a man down into a losing soul.

Until an amazing day comes to him
The moment where he found light in the heart
Flame which rejuvenates a new sight
Of new dream guides to what he does belong

Yes, the heat of sunshine makes him alive
Empowering his desire for anew
The redemption of life with a word “change”
Paving a shiny path and a new way.


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