Everybody has a weakness…

Everyone does have goods and flaws in each individual within either in physical or spirit attributes. As you know, nobody is perfect or flawless in their life; everyone has always ever made numerous of mistakes. Even if that so, we all still able to be successful in our lives especially a person who understands his/her own weakness.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ weaknessIs knowing your weakness important?

In a job interview, when the persons posed his a question “What is your weakness?” There are many people who don’t notice their weaknesses and answering “No, I don’t think that I have a weakness.” These candidates tend to have a low probability of getting job because of struggling for the respond in this question. Many employers expect how candidates can handle with their weakness as well as how the candidates have become self-aware with themselves. Most importantly, if you don’t have any awareness in yourself, you may not able to realize where you should move on in your life.

Here’s an interview tip from FirebrandTalent on the question of “What is your biggest weakness?”

How do you know your weakness?

  • Ask someone that you really trust and close with such as parents, siblings, best friends, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Sometimes,  “we, ourselves, are too close to see our own changes.” The person who are closed and being with may notice what you are better than yourself.
  • Knowing what cause your suffer or bother you.
  • Discovering what does make your upset.

Knowing your weakness and strength can indicate you where you should go and improving yourself.

Before I became a writer, there were many activities that I tried out before. You know, I was really suck with those things in which lead me depressing and let my mind down in which not making me to become motivated. You can read on the article “T-R-Y, unless you’ll never know” where I tell what had I faced before I became the writer. After you recognize your flaws, accepting and then overcoming it by doing what you are good at instead of thinking what you could do badly in your life. By recognizing my own weakness, I have been able to overcome and accept who I am by doing and practicing my great skill within my prosperous attitude where I can enjoy my strength rather than weakness.

In my childhood, many people in my life have taught me improving my weak skill into a strong one. Yes, I used to do that; trying hard to push myself from a low grade subject into a higher one. But in the reality, Career and big projects do not contain with just grade letter and GPA where A or 4.00 points are the highest marks in one particular school or college; those are more than that, there is no limit of qualify actual works where you can judge them by either sales, accuracy in research, accolades from well-known institutes or reviews from bunches of websites. So instead of putting a time on things that you aren’t doing good, why don’t you try to enrich your good skills or your amazing talents beyond what you are at by reaching from its current level into a masterpiece level.

Remember, Nothing is above the sky because there’s another sky above the sky and other!




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