Online vs. Traditional degree

Last week, My younger cousin asked me for an advice about his educational decision. He was still considering whether he should take an online degree or a brick and mortar college. Both options do have an advantage and a disadvantage. Of course, every decision or every choice does have a trade off for the other choice.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ Online vs. Traditional degree

The pros of a brick and mortar college by my cousin (The traditional college)

+Having a close networking and connections on face to face with the professors.

+Enjoying the college life where you are in a full surrounding of same age peers in the community.

+Student clubs and associates.

Although, these pros are evidently influencing the decision for studying in The traditional college. I countered that there are also many reasons that he should pick for an online degree rather the traditional college .

+Enjoying an international networking with many students from around the world.

+Saving money and time for a transportation issue especially in Bangkok where you can spend so tremendous amount of time on the road going to college in which caused by a severe traffic.

+Online courses can also make a person becoming independent learner as the student required to learn on self-schedule by himself or herself.

Plus, I suggested him that even if he study on Internet; he still be able to find network and opportunities locally by going to seminar or workshop in the nation as well as there are an Online degree with am accreditation where you pay in a local tuition and fee too.

Here’s a nice video on the benefits of Online class by Alain Gauthier on Youtube:

In my opinion, I do rather have a wide network rather than a college life…

Although, many people would say that College life in the campus was memorable and fun. The college life is just like a small world to live in because of the majority of time where you have to stay in the classrooms for lecture within a same group of peers. Unlike an online degree, you can seek a network from each person within a different background distinctively.

In the end, my cousin settled with my explanation and thinking that it’s not a bad idea to choose online education rather than the traditional one.

He was astonished with the benefits I have said. He couldn’t believe that this alternative way of Education really offers an enormous amount of benefits than the one he used to think in the first place. Conclusively, he has a firm consideration towards the option that I advised. So right now, he checks out an accredited program for his pursuit of education. The most important about the education is actually what you can implement from what you learn into a reality, I do support The online degree because you can reach out a variety of opportunities and networks within a wider array in anytime, anywhere you wanted in 3-4 years.

If you love to pursue an Online degree, please be sure to check an accreditation before applying for the program! There are some Online degree does not have a accreditation in which was unrecognized by many organization as an official education.

Your best decision is all up to you…






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