Reading on Sunday: The Phantom of the Opera

the phantomHave you ever heard of the mystery fiction story in the Paris Opera house? The place where a Criminal who was well-known as an opera ghost by the people in the plot where he created a myth and a trap to scare of people in the Opera. Until one day, he found a female young singer who sounds like an angel in which lead him falling in love at first sight to her. Therefore, The Ghost who we know as “The Phantom of the Opera” tried his best containing the singer for himself at the meantime the woman named Christine Daae already has a lover whose name is Raoul, her childhood friend. As I mentioned here, this is a love story where the two men have to fight on each other to pursue the love of the angel singer.

Inspiration of the Story

Gaston Leroux (6 May 1868 – 15 April 1927), the author of “The Phantom of the Opera” has the inspiration from his experience as a journalist whereabouts he interviewed with the mystic case in which happen in Paris Opera where he found a basement with many prisoners’corpses of Paris commune. His discovery of the basement became an inspiration of the secret lair for Phantom to hide in the Opera as well as forge many scary mysteries in the Opera House as well as a place where he hid Christine Daae from Raoul and others.


The main plot and settings are in Gothic style, which is containing dark and tragic love emotion, a horror event, and a mystery as main elements in the story.  The dark hunger of the Phantom who was in love for the first time with Christine Daae, The murder cases with perplex traps created by the Phantom frightening the people in Opera to pursue a fortune from a wrong doing, and many hidden passages where they were unknown other than himself in the beginning before Raoul realized the instinct of the Phantom.

But the most necessary part of this classic novel from Gaston Leroux is a power of true love from Raoul who always concerns of his lover whom act speculatively after she became a performer in the Opera house, Christine Daae who try to protect Raoul and others by doing as what the Phantom told, and the Phantom who were never given in for his true feelings to the one’s who he is in fond to. These three characters do have to face many obstacles pursuing for the love that they do desire for.

Why do I recommend reading this book?

Image result for the phantom of the opera (1986 musical)Not only the author had done a great job on explaining the details of complexity structure in the Opera House based on his experience as the journalist where I can get in touch within his imagination integrating the reality, but also this novel did an outstanding job ascribing the meaning of real love where three protagonists have done their decisions thinking of the lover’s feeling before oneself, even the Phantom in the end of the novel. The novel is a classic in which later has been into many adaptations from films to theaters. The most recognized adaptation was the musical production from Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1986 where it made into the highest gross revenue of the Broadway industry for a long time until it was surpassed by “The Lion King” in 2014 as well as the musical created a peak of Sarah Brightman’s Stardom in that era.

I would like to leave with the wonderful song before I go.

“All I asked of you” My favorite song in the musical soundtrack:

The Paris Opera house did certainly leave us a lot of legacy and a message for us. With a perfect combination of mystery, horror, and a enormous amount of romance in the classic novel created by Gaston Leroux. I have no doubt recommending you this must-read book discovering the profound love of the protagonists who truthfully do things for the love of each other…


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