Saturday’s journal: Scandinavia part 5

Last week, we were at the Vigeland’s Installation for many beautiful kinds of expressions in the statues in Oslo, Norway. The Frogner Park is a totally fabulous must-see place for you to see where you can enjoy both scenery views and marvelous arts in the same moment. Are we ready going to a next place?

If you do, let’s move on to the next destination in Oslo, Norway!

City Hall of Oslo.JPG
“Exterior of the venue”
Inside the city hall of Oslo.JPG
“This is a hall where the prize is awarded.”

This is a location where former president Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in the year of 2009. Here we are once again at the city center. Can you guess where this is? Yes, It’s the City Hall of Oslo, This is a place where the Nobel peace prize granted to the honorees in every year. Did you remember where the other Nobel prizes granting?


The City Hall of Stockholm is the answer, do you wonder why Nobel Peace Prize do not award in Stockholm but instead it’s ceremony held in Oslo, Norway? Sounds like a great question, isn’t it? The reasons are so speculative, Alfred Nobel has never explained the true reason apparently, but there is one theory in which giving Nobel’s vision for choosing Oslo instead of Stockholm for Nobel Peace Prize ceremony…


In the period when Nobel was still alive, Sweden and Norway were still in a union known as United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway from 1814-1905 where Norway still didn’t have it’s own foreign ministry where its government still depended to Sweden.

“It is my express wish that in awarding the prizes no consideration be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize, whether he be Scandinavian or not,” Nobel wrote in his will.

According to the quote in his will and the period where Nobel was still alive as you read, both of these evidences collaborating Nobel’s decision. Possibly Nobel chose Oslo for Peace prize ceremony in the City Hall of Oslo for the prize not to be mixed with his home country politics where he desired this prize not to be in consideration by nationality of candidates as he believed that every valuable one from every country shall be awarded of whatever nationality the person has.

This is surely a place here you must visit when you landed in Oslo, Norway.

Next, Royal Palace and Palace Park in Oslo!


Here we are at the official residence of the present Norwegian Monarch with 173 rooms. This Historical place was built in the first half of 19th century as the Norwegian home for Charles XIV John of Sweden who was reigning as the King of Sweden and also as the King Of Norway in the time Norway and Sweden were the union. The Palace is opening for public tour but, the spectacular feature here is not actually the palace itself where the venue look is not so fabulous like many palaces such as Versailles (France), Buckingham (England) , or Schönbrunn (Austria) where you can immediately sense a high grand luxury architecture from outside of the palace. The main feature here is actually a surrounding park where you can find the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere in Oslo.

There are many spots where you can take nice photos in this location, this is truly a great location for whom is loving to shoot the scenes in Oslo, Norway.

Here is the last place that we went in Oslo, Norway before we are going to board in DFDS cruise from here to Copenhagen, Denmark. I hope that you are enjoying our trip thus far and there is much more to read in Scandinavia!

Please stay tune and do not miss ours on the way to last city destination! I hope you enjoy this great weekends!



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