“Why say no more than yes?”

Everyone does have to make a decision in our life. Life isn’t simple just letting time flies and do many activities for fun, there are many deliberate circumstances in front of us that we have faced in our life. Many people might advise the others to say “yes” for most things to take an opportunity in front of themselves. But now I found out that the people who make an excellent decisions tended to say “no” rather than “yes” for most of the time…

Have you ever seen the TV show called “Shark Tank”?

It is the show where entrepreneurs trying to grow or save their businesses by pitching the businessmen to invest their company. There were many offers made in the show where sharks may offer them more than or less than they are asking for.

The entrepreneurs tend being very deliberate on making their decisions to what Sharks offer and they maybe make a counter-offer for a compromise as well as the other shark may steal the deal by establishing a better one with the entrepreneur from out of nowhere.

This is an outstanding show where you can find how each entrepreneur choose the sharks to be their business partner or they may even deny the offer that sharks gave.

Shark Tank Season 5 Ep. 1:

You may watch more episodes on YouTube and its newest episode on ABC (American Broadcasting channel), I totally recommend this show for you guys to see! Lots of creative products here!

Why do you need to say “no” for a lot of times?

If you have become an adult, there are many offers and opportunities into your hands in which affect distinctly to each individual. Therefore, people do really need to think for a multiple times on making their decisions because every decision you have made may effect you for either brief time, long time, or maybe permanently depending on each circumstances.  Not only on entrepreneurs who make decisions, but everyone here do really have to be serious when is it time to justify a choice for yourself.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ why you have to say noThink about many choices that you have made.

The most common decision-making that everyone of us has to make before finishing our senior year in High school or 12 grade wasn’t only whether you are going to continue on your education or not, but it is also where and what are you going to study. Right at the moment, you take a lot of time which choice are you going to choose for the education whether in community college, vocational college, or 3-4 years university where in the end, you can choose only one path to move on. In the same time, you said yes for the one you chose while actually you did say nay for the rest of the choices you had.

Use “No” to pick your greatest decision for yourself


Please take your time to make a decision for a day to think wisely for what has given you the greatest decision! Do not say “no” for not taking chance but instead, put it on to find your best opportunity. That will be simply the best option for yourself!


Say no to the rest, say yes to the best (version2).jpg


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