Find your way and do your best thing!

Have you ever been devastated when you were very disappointed that the event won’t go as the way you expected?

I’m sure that you do ever have this emotion in one moment of time where you were very thrill on what is going to happen in your life. Before I became a writer was very desperate when I was studying for Management degree. You know, I thought that the degree would give me a career stability. But I was wrong, when I learn in the classes; I realize that the money I paid for tuition/fees don’t offer me a great experience within their program.

Guess what I did…

I dropped out from that college; guess what, I decide helping my parents business for apprehending a basis of business. I learn many basic practical skills of Business principles (such as sales, accounting, and communication skills) and having a true touch of it in my parents shop more than I did in the university. In the University, there were many useless classes that I had for my disappointed first year in college such as general education subjects, I mean some of those classes don’t even useful for my major degree. And most importantly, you actually get nothing new for life if you haven’t implemented anything with what you have learned.

Well, I didn’t say that every college is like that…

There are some decent higher institute programs for you to put a time on. If the program has indicated deliberately focusing on what you really desire to study without taking any general education subjects, especially the ones aren’t relative to your major at all, that is a nice option to go as you can fully scrutinize your favor knowledge that you truly love to acquire. Just be sure knowing your actual goals and a purpose of studying in that subject, then you will find a key to climb up your career into a successful one.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ find your wayIt’s all up to you which path are you choosing…

There were many people that I know out there who just do live idly and motiveless without any motivation, dream, and passion to push themselves. When I look at them, what my mind has thought is “I don’t find any flavor of their desire and wishes from them, they looked so lifeless…” They always remind me that I wouldn’t want to be like them. Then later, I remember what I definitely love to do since I was younger starting by pointing my pen on the paper and writing my diary , or putting my hands on my laptop’s keyboards typing my journal in which lead me falling in fond with literature world. I have a faith that every life can give a great innovation and a marvelous creation for one another in the World. That period then, I pursue my ambition becoming the writer. My pride and my desire certainly inspire me to keep pushing on myself and finding a new way for my goals. Although, the the shocking result can make me feel horrible sometime, but within my enthusiasm and my passion, I don’t want to stop this special ambition no matter what. Within Truthfully in my heart, I know that my ardent spirit will lead my wish into the reality one day!

That’s why I am here!

What about you?

I believed that everyone does have a moment of contemptible and fear when things won’t go as you thought to be. In the end, many people were struck in a dead end path where you don’t see any light ahead of you at all, I have told you about my rejection on last Monday, haven’t I? I was been rejected for the student visa in one country where I wish studying and gaining more knowledge in a college over there. But then, I found more options for my education in which of course, isn’t staying still or giving up for my ambition… In the end, I become happier after I found a different way to achieve my goal that maybe better than studying in that country who refused issuing my visa.

If you feel unhappy with what had happened, don’t let it stop you! Stand up again and try to a new path for your goals once again with your optimistic motivation. Then you will find an alternative way to achieve what you were longed for.

Remember, Lead your way in what you dream for and don’t let the obstacles stop you!


ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ do your thing


2 thoughts on “Find your way and do your best thing!

  1. There is definitely always another way, or maybe a path you did not see! I feel like everything happens for a reason so, even if you face rejection, another door opens for you in some way, or there is a lesson to be learned.

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