Is rejection a failure?

Have you ever faced any rejection in your life? Many people would think a refusal from the others as a failure for themselves, in which lead them to give in their ambition to do something. But I want to tell you that the rejection isn’t truly a totally failure in your life…

Yesterday, I was refused for a student visa yesterday…

Two months ago, I had applied the visa for studying in a diploma program of writing and publishing. I was really anticipating to restart my career for my passionate dream as a novelist. My reason for studying there is honing my writing skills and editing skills as well as learn more diversified culture in that country within an affordable price. There were so many interesting activities out there such as skiing, enjoying a local winery, and sightseeing maple trees in Autumn. But sooner or later, all of I have planned were doomed… My visa application was turning in a refused status yesterday, my parents were shocking with the results because we do actually have sufficient amount of money to afford our stay and tuition fees in the institute. It was so unreasonable to rejecting us…

Do I feel sad about it?

If I were younger than today like 18 years old during the time, I might give in already with a study aboard plan after the refusal because I was so immature and not having a strong ambition like I do today. But now I have changed already becoming more mature and independent than I used in which led me thinking the rejection as a challenge to across in my life to becoming more determine with my ambitious goals.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ is rejection a failure

To be honest, I actually feel fine with the rejection because I do have more chance finding a new opportunity for my further studies in future. Guess what I found a new option where we can absorb a rich heritage of literature within a lower cost of living than the one I chose at the beginning. The refusal actually gets me into a brand new path for my life.

And I know many prominent figures in history were getting many rejection in their lives too.

A majority of successful people had been rejected before they achieve their own success in a forthcoming time, right?  I have given you J.K. Rowling career for example in the last month ago. She had been refused for publishing her novels by the publishers more than 10 times before the Harry Potters series has been established. Don’t think of a refusal as the end of your life but thinking it as a crucial challenge for you to pass on gaining your deed and effort for your future prosperity.

So, don’t give up because of the rejection, just keep pushing on your life! I believe that there will be someday for you to see your light on the effort that you truly do with your motivation and determination!

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ is rejection a failure


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