Saturday’s journal: Scandinavia part 4

Welcome back to Saturday’s Journal: Scandinavia, here is our fourth run of Scandinavian trip and right now, we are in Norway, the most northern part of Scandinavia. Yesterday, we had seen a glance of downtown Oslo already; let’s moving on for the next places to see here.

Let’s begin!

IMG_2590The first place that we are going after we had our free breakfast in Scandic hotel is where Winter Olympics had been hosted in Norway during 1952. Its name of this venue is Holmenkollbakken where the host country, Norway also won the most gold medals in 1952 Winter Olympics. Not only there is an skiing arena for everyone to ski for either ski jumping and Nordic skiing but also this venue has its museum contains 4,000 years of ski history from a stone age & a viking age as well as a skiing simulator in which allow you visualizing a ski jump in the hill. At the time, my family and I are visiting here during Spring season (May), guess what we still see a snow around the venue and everyone does have fun with a remaining snow. The photos are so pretty, right?

As well as there is a hole board for us portraying as a person who is living in a polar atmosphere. Like in the picture of this one:


Overall, we have fun a lot with this board, the view from the arena, and the facilities here. Plus, we have a spectacular family photo with the ski lane here too!


This place certainly, a wonderful venue for a winter sport! I’m sure that it will be more entertaining, if I am better with skiing… Hoping, I will have a chance to practice my skiing once again.

Meanwhile from a bus ride to the downtown…

IMG_2531There are many things that I see on the way to the bus especially boats on a lake. Not only, Norwegians are very renowned for their amiable and peaceful country in the world. From the boats that I have seen here, Norwegians do love boating and fishing during summer time. This period (spring) is considering as a beginning period of lake activities here after the winter season where now the locals preparing their boats on the lake in this moment.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ Frogner Park
“Frogner Park @ Oslo, Norway”

Let’s find an angry boy…

Back to Oslo, Norway. We have arrived in the city once again within a historical public park called “Frogner Park” and this is where we are going to find a famous statue whose has been called as “Angry boy.” The park is famous for “Vigeland installation”, the most popular center for tourists (with 1-2 millions visitors per year) where they are sightseeing multiple sculptures in the park. The installation was created by Gustav Vigeland (11 April 1869 – 12 March 1943), a Norwegian sculptor who was also well-known for a designer of Nobel prize medal. There are multiple sculptures where they all have unique expression within its own individual:



There are many nice figures with a strong expression on each figure as I said but now, we are going to see the most famous one that I’m talking about in the beginning and here is the picture of our angry boy, oh yes, his facial expression is really in fury and angry as it’s unofficially named “Angry boy.” Do you notice a distinct characteristic of this boy? He has a gold left hand, which is unique from every other sculptures in the park. That’s why the Angry boy is the figure that you should not miss in the park.



IMG_2779Now in the wonderful park where you find arts and pleasant outlook, not strangely this place becomes a must attraction to see in Oslo, Norway. You can enjoy both spectacular expression of the sculptures and a natural beauty with trees and flowers at the same time. I’m sure that you can take a lot of fresh clean air here within the city of Oslo.

Next time, we will be at the city hall of Oslo and The Royal Palace.

Stay tune for our next week and I hope you all have a happy weekends!


One thought on “Saturday’s journal: Scandinavia part 4

  1. Norway is one country we have not visited yet. A beautiful country like Denmark. When I first started reading I thought you were there now. Excellent read enjoy the information on ‘Angry Boy’, I’ll have to go see him. Also didn’t know the ‘Nobel’ award was created by this artist.


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