Eat your ice cream before it’s melted!

Do you love ice cream? Yes, I do love an ice cream and I suppose everyone are in fond with cold sensation and various flavors of this amazing dessert. Think about it, whenever we can’t think of any specific sweets that you love to eat, your decision would be usually end up with this kind of dessert as it’s a classic choice where you don’t have to be fuss as it’s so simple and easy to think of. Really, ice cream is a significant symbol of our optimism as well as a sign o’time of our favorable circumstances.

Sad Baby Holding a Melting Ice Cream ConeSo, Do not let your time flow away with nothing…

Now, let’s imagine that you were a child who bought an ice cream cone from the ice cream parlor nearby your neighborhood. The brand new ice cream, which was just scooped being solid, cold, and creamy, right? The child would be very joyful and happy eating his ice cream, but if the child let the time went by and not taking any bite of ice cream. You could imagine that moment where the young child pouted for not taking a chance to be happy with his amazing dessert where its delicious was dripping into a liquid by the heat that melting the ice cream.

รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องIf you don’t take an opportunity to do something in time, that would mean you are letting the ice cream melt.

The opportunity works in a same way as the ice cream in which has taken out from the refrigerator. The chance will come into your life and sooner or later, it will be gone out from your sight if you don’t grab a shot getting out of it. Now, thinking of ice cream as a huge goal. if you accomplished digging in all of your whole ice cream, Be proud of yourself that you finish your ice cream and gaining beautiful moment in your lifetime where you have got a valuable and delightful experience from it. Outstanding job for you guys that you did take your treasure moment of your life.

But If you lost the last one, it’s alright… get over it and find the new one…

I know how you feel after the moment you have lost a great opportunity to do something for a future.

It’s totally find that you feel a regret towards a mistake and a lost chance in the past, but remember there is always a new day waiting ahead of us as well as a new scoop of ice cream for you. Make up your mind and get over it by learning from those mistakes, and then grab a new opportunity and anew choice of ice cream that come from the new day. Instead of being remorseful with the old day, begin again finding a new way to gain your happiness…

Remember not to let this one melt like the last one that you were contrite with again…

What about you? Have you remembered any of your biggest accomplished opportunity in life? And most importantly, how did you feel after you enjoyed that ice cream?


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Happy Friday!




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