Extraordinary of Human nature

Have you ever been in a high pressure emotionally in your life? Yes, this kind of emotions really do hysteric and uncontrolled sometimes if you don’t put yourself in your place.

Think about it, we tend to feel some mysterious emotion unreasonably. In this song, “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson has ascribed that love doesn’t form by any reason other than an infatuation of the man to the girl in the lyrics. Certainly, we do not need any reason falling in love with anyone. right? That’s a part of human nature, sometimes our emotion and beliefs are forming without any reasonable explanation, do you agree?

This leads me into an inquisition in Human nature where you can’t find in another living things.

Distinguish characteristics of us

  • Tremendous level of desire
  • Idealism in economy and politics
  • Creativity
  • and so forth

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ ideologyThe distinct expression

Humans aren’t containing only common emotions, but also a variety in range of divergent ideas that maybe very different from one another. We have heard so many -ism words from many famous philosophers and experts in history such as Marxism, romanticism, liberalism, conservatism, multiculturalism and many other forms of -ism. Humans in our history have never stopped making a new idea giving a bold expression in our society, it goes on and on everyday. We are fighting for our own reasons so numerous of time in our history. Why is that so?

The desire is a common element of our lives where we urge for what we want…

Yes, it is a human nature that we do have for all of us where we value things in a way more complex than the rest of living things in the World. Not only we do need water, food, and shelter like many other animals do, but also we love to have more time, money, enormous amount of love in romantic relationship, technology, and so forth. The humans have been created enigmatically for the need in many kind of stuffs that do not necessary for other species. Dream and ambition are also our exquisite value that is so exceptionally, that’s why feelings of neediness is so super necessary in us. We humans always love to develop our own quality of lives as much prosperous as possible…

To be honest, we are the most alluring living being on Earth.

We are not only having an intricate mindset but also we are creating various innovations in multiple forms of work in the World from wonderful arts to modern technology that we have enjoyed today. And present, our creation by us is so irresistible where nothing will stop us establishing anew elements in our lives within our endless beliefs.

Cinquain of human nature:

Distinct, diverse, dreaming
Filling, forming, firing
The initial of creation

Complex, Charming, Curious
Desiring, Wanting, Needing
Irresistible mind and soul


That’s why surprisingly, Human nature is truly appealing and beautiful extraordinary being…




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