Where do I begin my dream?

Hello, everyone. It’s almost two months already that Optimism founded. I’m very glad contributing a wide range of articles in this blog. I’m very happy on what I did thus far for beginning my blog and it’s a valuable practice for my experience for achieving my goal as a writer. I have been working deliberately on a writing since the first day of 2017 even before I established Optimism! The time between my first day and now is certain a great moment for my new beginning with meaningful goals, it maybe take a lot of effort, but I really do want to say that it is really worth it for a time for starting this dream!

Before I created Optimism!

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‘My 500 words challenge, created by Jeff Goins’

At an initial period, I was really a novice who had no experience in website and blogging at all. All I did was writing essays and my fiction story in my computer within a challenge from Jeff Goins who creating “my 500 words challenge” on his website and his Facebook page. I am very glad that I did the challenge because it made me realized that my true passion in writing. After I finished the challenge, I began to have a mindset “Why don’t I start doing something within my own passion?” That question led me establishing the Facebook page calling “The liberal writers” where I dream that this should be a place for everybody who love to write put down their thoughts with freedom.


My first attempt turned out to be a failure because there aren’t anybody coming to contribute any post on my page other than myself and plus, there are very few comments in the page. I was really desperate and almost give in on providing an article in the Facebook page, but then candidly, I still do not stop my desire and my ambition here. So, I decided learning more skills on WordPress site format and then creating my initial site “The Liberal Writers.” Although, I apprehended a new experience on creating the website; there is still no comment on that page… Later I perceived what I missed in that website, then I noticed that “The Liberal Writers” had been misplaced for its own goals for itself.

Which led me making up my mind restarting again, and that was how my new website “Optimism!” born here!

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ positiveWith my new understanding of positivism as one of primary factor for a big inspiration making our objective comes true. So, that’s how my platform has come to my mind. Leading myself to dedicate and spread out an optimistic mindset to readers, and that does change my life in a better way. I launch the website with the skills all I got from my previous experiences within a brand new mindset where keeps motivating myself to write frequently. The outcome is pretty awesome as a beginner, there are more visitors and more comments in Optimism! than my first blog where there was almost none really response on my article! I’m really joy with what I did thus far and I hope to make a great article for you to read here, and thank you everyone for a huge support for my blog from the start to this moment.

So, What does it take to pursue a goal?

My advice to you all is that you should get start and do on what you are loving! Remember no one, but yourself are the one who create your dream and making it come true!

You have to give all what you got and keep your consistency towards your goal and don’t give up no matter what circumstances coming to you.

I promise continuing this wonderful journey with you all. Again, thank you all of you for bringing a manifestation of my writing journey into a reality!


One thought on “Where do I begin my dream?

  1. I’m glad you finally developed a blog that gives you the satisfaction you have been looking for. Keep writing, you do well, and as you progress you will get better and been.


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