Movie on Sunday: Purple Rain (My tribute to Prince)

Today is four days before the 33th Anniversary premiere date of the Purple Rain (movie) starring by Prince and the Revolution where the band also manifested a legendary soundtrack of the same name. So for this Sunday’s movie week, I would love to share my review on the Prince magnum opus’s Purple Rain for my tribute to Prince as one of my heroes here.

Synopsis of the film:

Image result for prince and apollonia on purple bike
“Kid and Appllonia on his signature purple motorbike.”

The setting of the film is in Minneapolis, Minnesota where Kid, portraying by Prince and his band-mates, casting as themselves in The Revolution performing regularly in the First Avenue music venue. Although, Kid is a talented performer, but he has an aggressive attitude because of his violent parent affairs at home, which leads him into a troubled singer in the First Avenue. The film starts when The revolution band perform “Let’s go crazy” on the stage and in the same time, Apollonia (A new girl in the town) saw Kid on a stage and then having Love at first sight on him and then, they have gone for a first date near the lake by using Kid’s Purple motorcycle in a brief time later. Whereabouts soon, Kid also attracts to her and flirting her with a song “Beautiful ones” on the stage rivaling with Morris who thinks the Revolution shouldn’t be in the venue anymore. But, their love isn’t arousing like a pretty flower as Kid has to face his own emotional challenges within his troubled family and his own contempt where he does have a difficulty to trust anyone, even his band-mates and his lover, Apollonia. Will Kid be able to take a control over his fear and keep his gig in the venue?


Why this movie is outstanding?

Image result for morris day and the time
“Morris Day and the Time band”

This film isn’t an ordinary musical film where you can find in many other movies because a majority of the casts were all the actual musicians in a reality, unlike most of other films where the characters portrayed by actors as well as this film is mainly performing a rock music, which is unlikely use in a mainstream musical movie. Not only Prince & the Revolution members, but also Morris Day (the lead singer of Time band) and Apollonia Kotero. It’s peculiar story where you can find the film fits perfectly with the Soundtrack by Prince & the Revolution members and other rival bands in this nice story-line within a dramatic events that explaining well why Kid’s personality becomes so aggressive in the beginning.



Related image
“Prince’s magnum opus album cover, Purple Rain”

Not only Prince gained a massive fame and success in music industry where he and his band won a numerous categories of Grammy awards and many other awards by their soundtrack of the movie of the same name, but also the band has established an studio album collaborating with the movie where they are promoting each other works in which made the soundtrack sold for more than 25 million copies today and the US box office amount for 68 million dollar against the budget of movie for 7.2 million dollar. I own his Purple Rain soundtrack too, you should try to buy this album too if you don’t have, I love to say that every song in the album do have its own meaningful lyrics within its own where you can find this quality of work hardly in nowadays music. The works achieved both critical and commercial success, where Prince will always be remembered by us with the work named “Purple Rain” in the name for both movie and soundtrack’s legacy.

One last thing for today, I like you to listen this wonderful performance; the legendary song to remember to our renowned performer, Prince:

R.I.P Prince… Everyone will remember you as a great hero in music within our hearts…



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