T-R-Y, unless you’ll never know

Before I start my blog, there were many things that I had done before when I was dreaming about many careers in high school such as a fashion designer, a singer-songwriter, an actor, and so forth. But well, what you have imagined maybe not really go the way as you think.

Here’s my story:

In my high school years, many peers in my school admire my dancing groove especially when I gives all my got for fun in a snowball dance party and a prom party. I still remember when people shouted my name when I move all of my body in the party, at that time, I thought that dancing maybe a great choice of career because it is such an enjoyable activity for me. But hereafter I took many classes from ballroom to Contemporary dance, it turned out that I didn’t like how rigor practices where your required a lot of flexibility to perform each move in which making my realization that this career isn’t for me.

Later on, I became an undermined person to dream after I failed on my dreaming dance career, where now I ended up in Webster University Thailand. I studied a Management major degree there for succeeding my parents’ shop because at that time, I have no idea whereabouts to go… So, I study gradually for keeping grades and taking care my parent’s shop in the same time; at first, things seem to fit well because I enjoy talking with many customers from other countries while they are ordering their products in the shop. The university is But then less that a year, my life had become idle after I notice that a time cycle always remaining the same old day since I have returned to Bangkok. In the 2nd semester at Webster, I was sick and pissed off with professors who teach the students without a professional knowledge where many students in the class arguing to the professors when he made a mistake on teaching in the university, especially Macroeconomics professor where he taught Statistics stuff instead of economics. Thanks to him, I fathomed to look for my new life direction once again after a disappointment of my college life in Webster University.

After I dropped out from the University, I decided to try out everything I can think of my mind what I was in loved with since the childhood to my teenage years.

Here’s the feedback that I received from many brief classes:

Acting teacher: You have so little talent on becoming others who not you, I don’t see any star in you…

Singing tutor: Your sound isn’t so smooth, it’s not handsome at all… It’s pretty hard for you to become a singer…

Modelling coach: Even though, you are tall. The way you walk is so rocky like a robot…

Fashion design’s professor: What are you drawing? Your model in the paper is so ugly…

Those attempts have turned to failure once again where I spent my own time and money discovering who I am but again with no new hope for me… In New Year eve’s of year 2016, I daydream once again for a whole day with this question “What is my true passion? and What is my talent?” At that moment, I have an idea of writing from remembering my best time talking with English 11 teacher in Coldwater High School about my essays and my lyrics where I wrote those with a joy from beneath of my heart and yes, I recalled the moments I am in touch with reading many different books.

That’s where my true excursion has begun…

So thereafter I practice my writings for a daily life as well as reading more books than ever before. I couldn’t believe that I am here today starting my blog here in this website as well as drafting my long story on my manuscript on my computer consistently.

This makes me very proud that I am be able envisioning my vigorous goals within a profound meaning where I couldn’t find in the past. No matter what have happened, I vow to myself that I will keep trying on my pursuit of my beautiful ambition as the writer. Despite, I lost much money for trying many brief classes; I haven’t regretted at them at all. Those exploration of my dream career establishes the meaning of my life here in the world.

You know…


Does the poem sound so exciting if it’s you who are going to make your dream? That’s why suggest you going out from your undesirable life cycle and find your new way of life within your own willingness where you can change your lifestyle to the one that you are wishing for.

There will be a success waiting for you, after you failed…

You aren’t alone, there are a bunch of successful people who have been failed in numerous times in their life:

Thomas Edison, American inventor who succeeded creating a light bulb after 2,000 attempts in his life and thereafter creating more electric appliances in his life. Where today, he has been recorded in the history for his legacy where everyone in Science does honor in him as well as he was one of the founders of General Electric, the today’s multi-billion dollar conglomerate company in the United States of America.

Steve Jobs‘s Initial invention, Macintosh computer was a failure of Apple inc. during last century where he lost his revenue in his company against Windows by Microsoft Inc. because of lack marketing access to its product for customers during that period, but this didn’t stop him for keeping his invention in his life, where later he has invented ipod and iphone where he succeeded promoting the prolific recognizing products. Yes, this achievement led the company into a huge revenue bringing his enormous successful legacy and transitioning our way of living into the digital era.

Before J.K. Rowling became a renowned author of Harry Potter series, she has faced much breakdown within her personal life after she divorced to her first husband from Portugal thereafter she had raised her daughter as a jobless mother, but with her passion for writing and literature; she stood up again writing the Harry Potters and got the series to be published by Bloomsbury publishing after she had been rejected for many times by other publishers.

Plus, much more stories from successful people that I have heard made me able to live within my ambition fearlessly where now I have a faith that I can make dreams coming true in one day if I am not giving in this career path.

I vowed that I will never leave my passion and my ambition for the writing and promising that I will keep practice to my best for a contribution on this site!

Don’t let the idle life cycle stops you, I believe that you have your excursion awaiting too!

Do not stop finding who you are, keep trying for your best and for the others who are waiting for your ambition to create anew flavor of our lives in the World!


Do your best and make it happen!

T. Lee,
The creator of Optimism!




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