3D printing food, a future of our culinary industry?

From this moment thus far, we have seen many of our technology has grown in a peak level in our society where today we found out that we may not need our kitchen utensils to cook anymore. 3D printing has established creating more flexibility for a product invention. Shockingly now, This new restaurant does not need any culinary staffs, instead the restaurant has a new 3D printing for food servings.

Here’s the first world 3D restaurant named Food Ink in London:

I want to say that this shows us an certain immense growth of our digital era innovation where now it’s possible not to use any chef to open up a new restaurant where the owner need only service labors because you are the one who choosing what to print out for your food in the restaurant, no professional chef required here.

This type of business saves a lot of labor costs and overhead costs but…

Not only many people still concerns with a safety health on this kind of processing food but I also think that It doesn’t have any charm and any passion inside the foods and I have an idea that this is very unconventional way to enjoy these meals into our guts. You know, who’s going to know what flavors we do enjoy to try better than us? The printing machine doesn’t have a tongue and a sense to know our actual favorite flavors. This is totally unlike chefs’ dishes or our home-cooking meals that people who cook putting an enthusiasm and a fond into their foods spontaneously.

Although, I detested an idea of the 3D printing restaurant; 3D printing is still giving a positive for culinary industry in some circumstances because I love this example of geometric food innovation, check now this:

Instead of  creating a meal by using the printer, This shape innovation proves that professional chefs and 3D printing can coexist together where the chef (Dinara Kasko) invents large numbers in model design of silicon molds for her innovative desserts in her patisserie. I love that technology gives more creative possibility for chefs bringing a new invention throughout customers in our today’s world where it bring an endless experience of the culinary industry.

So, in my conclusion…

The printing food process will not replace our daily eating habits in our society because of its unconventional and still today, people desire for a hearty meal from one another together. Well, the nice news of 3D printing technology is, it can provide you more variety molding shape form of foods for us within an immense creativity in the new dishes! I do not believe that we will have our 3D printing foods for a daily life because people would still love to eat the foods from the ones we made by our hands within our hearts rather than the ones from the mass production’s machine.



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