Internet, our new basic need?

No matter who we are, we do all need a basic need for us to survive on Earth by Food and Water, Shelter, and Clothing since in our prehistory age. But as we grew up through an industrialized period, there were listing more basic needs according to our time period society such as Health care, Automobile/Motorbike, education, and sanitation.

basic needs

But in this period, Technology has been modernized by an advance science and let us enjoying our more comfortable lives in society especially Internet where you can seek your knowledge from anytime, anywhere in the world.

What do we need before we are having our Internet usage?

Ah, an old fashioned telephone…

Let’s go back to before the emerged digital era, Car is considered as a main need for an adult in the society where at that period, there are still few public transportation routes where it mostly took place in a significant large number community as well as home telephone and mailing offices, the only way to intercommunicate one another from a different place, which was not so convenience like today.


Why Internet becomes our modern basic need?

Hereafter. smartphone and 4G telecommunication trend has been emerged in our society. The World changes rapidly turning from the only way of international calling by our home telephones and a mobile phone in which price was very excessive to pay for into many cheaper options that we do have today within a very low cost or totally free such as Skype (where you can call for free with Skype members and you can call to another telephone lines within a very low cost, where I pay only 2.3 cents per minute within the United States) ,and more apps communicating each other in anywhere with telecommunication signal from all around the world.

Here’s how Skype works:

Not only Internet effects communication industry, but also it has a big role changing our way transporting to somewhere too. Heretofore, we needed going to a travel agency for reserving our flights and hotels for a holiday; in present, we can Do-it-yourself with a website or a smartphone app in our phone or our computer such as,,, and many airlines website nowadays also including their member loyalty program (AKA Frequent-Flyer Program) for their customers to make a reservation for both airlines and hotels in the site at same time.

Expedia: Bundle deal

And the biggest trend change, we have right now is that you probably don’t need buying a car anymore to enjoy your trip or even going to work in a city. Public transportation such as subway, high-speed train, taxis and bus aren’t the only alternative for us anymore because now we have an app to call our sharing transportation network like Uber where we can call our personal driver to pick up us to our destination place and now the company has built up UberCENTRAL where you can request, manage, and pay for Uber rides on behalf of your customers.

How does Uber work?:

And there are many more apps and websites changing our lives…

All thanks to Internet who does make a huge transition to our society

Certainly, these examples prove us that Internet may not be only our entertainment anymore as it has transited its form into one of our life necessity already. In present we all need Internet doing a lot of tasks nowadays. There will be more apps for us to introduce next time in a forthcoming time for sure.

This gives a definite answer that Internet has remodeled into one of our basic need in our modern society such as today’s world…


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