Movie on Sunday: Batman Returns

Image result for batman comicsNo doubt that many of us here know “Batman,” the most renowned superhero of D.C. comics establishing in 1939 where he has been well known as the hero within a dark appearance and non-superpower (all he gained to attain his hero quality are from his own genius intelligence level and his self intense trained physical power), which is giving him unique charm distinctively from many other heroes in elsewhere. I believe that you guys are knowing Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series (The Dark Knight) that create a billion dollar blockbuster series in film industry. But there’s one Batman film that I do love to recommend you guys to watch where the film called “Batman Returns”, directed by Tim Burton releasing in 1992.

Synopsis of the film:

The story takes place in Gotham City after Batman defeated Joker in Batman movie (released in 1989). The trouble in the city starts during Christmas period where “Batman” (Micheal Keaton) has to fight against “Penguin” (Danny Devito) who he was dumped into a river by his parents in a winter during his infant age because of his deformed body structure and his attack to his parents’ cats. After then, he ends up in an abandoned zoo where fellow penguins raising him as one of their own. Later, Penguin tries to conquer the Gotham City for his own vengeance by trying to be a new mayor in the city with a help of “Max Shreck” who is a corrupted Industrialist who is trying to gain his fortune from his power plant project, which was opposed by Bruce Wayne (Alter ego of Batman) and the current mayor. Max and Penguin wished to use this opportunity becoming well-known and rich, and taking a control all over the city

In a middle of their fight, Selina Kyle who was rescued by Batman during the time that she was being one of victims in the beginning of the movie. Selina was a secretary of Max Shreck who later found out later that he has a despicable plan in Gotham City when she discovered his files in the office. Shortly he knows her conscience to his conspiracy of his power plant project where this led him pushing her to almost dead. Later with a group of cats wake Kyle back to her consciousness miraculously, she has transformed into “Catwoman” briefly after she realizes her tedious boredom life with no meaning and desiring to revenge against Max by taking her surprise attacking in Gotham City.

And that’s how the triple threat between Batman , Catwoman , and Penguin begin thrilling their fight in Gotham City…

Why do I recommend you to see this version of Batman?

Batman (1989) theatrical poster.jpg
Batman (1989)

In Tim Burton’s era, The first movie of “Batman (in 1989)” was considered as the best mainstream classic blockbuster during that time where it left legacy for a new generation of superheroes’ directors until Today as the movie has a critical acclaim reviews from many film critics at that time, perhaps it was the first model of Superhero’s movie that influencing modern marketing and development techniques for this genre of films. But in my opinion, “Batman Returns” was the best ever part of this movie series that I have ever seen in my life; sorry for an opposed opinion, film critics.

I am really in fond with the casting in the film especially Micheal Keaton, Danny Devito, and Michelle Pfeffier where all of the main actors are done an amazing job portraying their dark emotional characters within an awesome acting chemistry in the film. Yes, they are all deserving their legendary talents within Batman Returns’s legacy.



From left to right, Micheal Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Danny Devito

Image result for tim burton 1992
Special thanks to Tim Burton, the director and the producer of the movie.

Agreeing that the first Batman movie by Tim Burton where Batman versus Joker was a great story because of a humorous consequence where it is performing by Jack Nicholson (Joker) within a fighting scene against Batman (Micheal Keaton), but I rather say that this triple threat fighting is really outstanding one where the film depicts focusing on a dark emotional mind and a deep instinct of each character that really present to where and how the characters have turned into the way they are within by discovering their hearts in the movie. Tim Burton has done superior job revealing the dark emotions withing the characters so smoothly and let us flowing well to understand each transition of the characters’ consequences in the film.

I love to give five out of five stars for this film, I totally advise you to watch this version of Batman movie if you are an avid fan of this most recognized American comics!


One thought on “Movie on Sunday: Batman Returns

  1. Haven’t seen the new movie yet but the others were very good so now I’m anxious to see it. I have never seen this new actor yet so kind of wondered how he would do but he’s had good reviews. So thanks for the comments.


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