Saturday’s journal: Scandinavia part 2

Welcome back to our Scandinavia’s trip journal, last time we were stopping at Stockholm City Hall (where many of Nobel prize’s ceremony takes place) and Stortorget, the old shopping district. Today, still in Sweden and we are going to Vasa Museum and Downtown of the Capital of Sweden. Let’s go!

The Vasa Museum, one of the biggest built historical ship in Sweden!

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ vasa museum logoAccording to the the official website, the museum is the most visited museum in the Scandinavia. This place exhibited “Vasa” the huge ship that built in Sweden during 17th Century but soon sank in the sea just after one year of completion of ship’s launch where it was salvaged later in 1961. The sinking of Vasa was a terrible disaster for Sweden because at the time of establishing Vasa, Sweden lost a tremendous amount of money to the most expensive project for the ship for a short-lived usage where there were 15 perished corpses founded after the salvage of the sank ship. The bones have been showcased here as well.


After the ship was savaged from the sea, the Vasa has been analysed and examined the cause of sinking. The reasons have been revealed that its construction was made in an unstable state and this ship’s hazard event has taught a later generation to create a stable large ship.

In the exhibition, there is a history where you can find the motivation, the causes, and how did the team pulled the sank ship from the sea and getting it back to the above level of ocean as well as you will be amazed of the large warship has been made within an era before an industrialization period. I’m sure that you will enjoy this Museum especially if you are a fan of the historical warship.


Let’s check out downtown in Stockholm!

norrmalm-stockholmOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere we are at the downtown of Stockholm! Let’s take a look in the city center of The Venice of Nordic where you can find many wide ranges of restaurants from McDonald’s to many casual dining options in many kind of cuisines around here, although the prices were more expensive than many countries that I have visited before because of a high rate government taxes in Sweden.  Amidst of the taxes news here, if you are an avid shoppers, there’s a good news for you. All of retail shops in the country does give you a VAT refunds for Tourists upon your request as the VAT refunds here gave you back about 15-20% of the items you bought in the country after you made this procedure in an airport before you are going back to your home country. Here in the Downtown, you will see many of H&M stores all over the places in downtown district because H&M’s brand was founded in Sweden as I took a walk in Downtown, I found like 10 stores of H&M in the district and there are many grocery stores that you can buy fruits and snacks as well. What I liked about this Downtown is the city where you can shop and eat within a clean and peaceful atmosphere here.

An accommodation



After we traveled all day in Stockholm, Sweden. We were going to the hotel finally after our whole day touring here. Our place to stay for the trip provided by our tour guide is Scandic Infra City, which is 15 miles (25 km.) away from the Capital of Sweden.

The standard room with 2 beds and furniture were pretty spacious (22 square meters or  236.80 square feet) and pleasant where you can work on your tablet or your laptop on the white table as you can see in the picture as well as the beds were very comfortable as the mattresses were very comfy. There are many amenities in the hotel and another good news, the hotel stay has an inclusive of the breakfast meal within your reservation.

On next week, we will move on from Stockholm, Sweden to Oslo, Norway!

Please comment more, if you have some more places to recommend for us in Stockholm, Sweden and many other cities in Sweden.

Hope you have a good day and enjoy your weekends!



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