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In the World, there are many kinds of Cuisine distinct from one another from a different part of our society from French cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, American Cuisine, and many other local Cuisines. Each cuisine has its own noticeable taste, flavor, and texture according to the local wisdom and ingredients; but if you ask many people, a majority of people will recognize French Food as one of the most recognized and cuisine in our diversified society for its own renowned creativity and re-invention in each signature dish as well as there are French restaurants establishing in many huge cities from all around the World.

My latest experience with French cuisine.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ j'aime restaurantLast week on Sunday, My father and I went to French restaurant called ‘J’aime’ In Bangkok, Thailand for our “‘Prix fixe’ (French word for a fixed price menu, where the food selections by chef may change on every month.)” lunch meal that we had bought our two discounted coupons for about 28$ per each person inclusive of one glass of house wine in an advance.

The fixes menu consisted of:

Soup: Broccoli and extra virgin olive oil cream soup served with sweet water snails and seaweed caviar

Appetizers: Confit garden vegetables tartar, smoked eggplant and pickled pink radishes, and
Warm saute mushroom , rocket espuma (sauce) and rye bread crisps

Main dishes: Pan-seared squid stuffed with basil-scented mascarpone, zucchini and lemon beurre blanc

or Slow-cooked chicken breast, pumpkin mousseline with orange, pomelo and turmeric

Desserts: Red berry and spearmint Grappa-Baba.

Breads and butter are serving for a complimentary for our lunch in the restaurant.

My father ordered the squid one for the main dish while I requested for the chicken; so, we can try many dishes here as possible.

Our dishes according from first to last serving places.


Our first dish was the Cold Broccoli soup in which was the dish that we were most astonished when we saw its list on menu because we hadn’t never tried out a cold coup before. However, we were impressed with this dish pretty much of its surprising combination of cold temperature and the liquid state, where I couldn’t believe that it can get along with each other to establish this delicious unique way of flavor. My dad is more bewildered than me when he heard that the cold soup was going to be served on our table, but it’s ended well as my dad told me that it was totally new different thing that he ever had experimented, and in the end it was a good initial taste-bud dish.

20170618_133311.jpgAnd here’s our second run serving…

on-fit garden vegetables tartar, smoked eggplant and pickled pink radishes & Warm saute mushroom , rocket espuma (sauce) and rye bread crisps.

The on-fit garden vegetables tartar was very well nutritious with a wonderful taste dwelling with multiple ingredients from its dish giving a wide range of taste in sweet and sour naturally well.

Warm saute mushroom gave a great scent going amazingly well with the rocket espuma, which sauce was very soft and smooth yielding an outstanding texture of natural ingredients in very-well made appetizer.

Then, here’s come the main dishes…


Here’s my chicken dish garnishing with a pumpkin mousseline, potato, pomelo, orange, and turmeric. The breast was juicy and tender well suiting with the sauce and garnishing, its overall is a well done made.



And here’s my dad’s Pan-seared squid stuffed with basil-scented mascarpone (Italian cream cheese), zucchini and lemon beurre blanc. My dad stated that the squid isn’t sticky but instead it’s well tender going perfectly with a great combination of citrus foam sauce and stuffs inside the squid.


Last but not least, a sweet dessert

20170618_140457.jpgRed berry and spearmint Grappa-Baba, The berry sponge cake on top of crispy crust and berries and pouring with the fruit vodka sauce. Even though, I felt that the sauce was too smelly from the spirit but overall, it is still well tasted final dish within a creative decoration.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with our French prix fixe meals at ‘J’aime’ where I found out many combinations that I couldn’t believe that it can be mix and match together in one dish.

So, I’m not surprising that why French is one of the most popular cuisines in our society and why most of Michelin stars restaurants are in French cuisine.

In my opinion. French cuisine has been one of the eminent cuisines around the World mainly because of the finest dining experience with an endless creativity that you can experiences from many cooking methodology that create our marvelous experience to what we eat. For that reason, You should try out French cuisine in the restaurant once in your life.

Well, my taste-bud isn’t only belonging to French cuisine because I also love many other cuisines as well. I do love Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and much more foods, my curiosity is always urging for me to try out a new food especially from a locality as well as I believe that the world of culinary is so diversified and endless for me to test out.

I love to present some more foods that I have tried out next time again, if I have a chance!

What about you? Do you have any recommended specific food for us to try out?

Tell me about it, I’m really one of avid eaters!


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