Have you ever heard of ABBA’s song “Money, money, money” one of their popular song in 1970s? The song is describing how money is an important indicator for a wellness in life, where you can use it to enjoy your dreams and make a comfortable lifestyle with it whether the money is from you or others.

I agreed that money is one of the most importance in our life, but…

There’s one quality where it’s having the same level of its necessary equally to money, or maybe some of them think of it as more important than even money.

That’s where the phrase “Time is money” is coming from, where many people are also considering that time may be needed more than the money itself. The phrase was firstly used by Benjamin Franklin who was one of the founding fathers in America as well as maybe known as one of the most intelligent person in American history where he was renown for both of his work in Science and Art.

The meaning of the proverb “time is money”

  1. From Wiktionary, Money is wasted (in lost wages, missed opportunities, etc.) when a person’s time is not used productively; time is valuable and should not be wasted.
  2. From Dictionary.com, If we don’t use our working time to earn money, we are in effect losing money.
  3. From Cambridge dictionary, said to emphasize that you should not waste time, because you could be using it to earn money
  4. From American Heritage Dictionary , One’s time is a valuable commodity.

Each dictionary may have some little difference describing in term of its meaning but the common same meanings that each dictionary’s does share in which where time is always valuable for everyone to make out of your opportunity.

Think about it, if you are a student who waiting for parents to pick you up after school and you do have some home-works to do. What are you going to do waiting and do nothing?

If I were you, I would take out my home-works and getting it done as much as possible while I was waiting in the school.  Not only that I will get some works done, but also I do have some more time to spend on my hobbies at home or somewhere else after I finished the home-work.

Do you see it?

time is moneyThe proverb “Time is money” is real, Remembering use your time beneficially as much as possible. Time isn’t only a moment that passing by everyday lives but it’s a worthwhile opportunity that you gained for a moment you are growing up everyday as well as establishing your legacy.

What about you?

Which one is more important to you now ‘Time’ or ‘Money’?




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