The breakdown of overworking

Working with an an effort may gives you a determination and a motivation to reach your goals in our lives believing that time is a necessary for us making a successful job, many people including I believe that time is money, so we intended to endeavor our goal as fast as we can. But, Too much of work may gives you a stress and depleting our work productivity without knowingly in ourselves that Overworking may be one of the biggest problems in our lives.

Current event about overworking:

Many Japanese people have a tremendous problem of the overworking environment in their lives (Known as Karoshi in Japan)in which affected by their discipline, overwhelming needing in employment, their culture, and a cost of living. In Japan, this concern is very big issue for a national government to solve in this country; the government tried to adjust their job timing law by exercising more vacationing time regulation to both government and private job sectors in the country, but still many Japanese people protests this government act as they believed that they need those time to cover with their expenses living in an expensive cost of living and guess what many people died in Japan because they are working for very lengthy hours overtime in a year.

Horrible signs by overworking habit

  1. You Have Trouble Sleeping, the overworking gives you a stress from an overthinking in a job period, which caused you to sleep unwell.
  2. Less productivity, an overwhelming amount of time in the office reduces your ability to focus and concentrate in a job position because of an unstable mind that you had worked too much without any rest.
  3. Health problems, you overlook your needing for foods as you contain yourself in your work too much, which effects your nutrition, your beauty and your health horribly without your self-realization.
  4. You find a hard time in your creativity, every ideas require a productivity and a positive mindset to make the new one; if you are overworking, not only you worn out and tired more but also you waste your time for nothing.
  5. Overworking causes your mind shaky and perilous that effect your mental control in an inferior status.

Don’t work too hard, take it easy sometimes

Working maybe one of the most essential things to do in our lives for our own career goals and live on in our society, but if it’s too much, it may cause a severe harm maybe to our life risking level.

Remembering to take some time off to relax yourself by doing your hobby or taking an enough sleep in a night before we are rising up in the morning. If you have paid day-offs and containing some remaining amount of money, take a chance and travel to somewhere you love to go. Life is yours and you should make its best!

I love to read books for my free time and I like to leave one of my favorite songs from Eagles “Take it easy” to your guys for a rejuvenation , I want to say that Music is also one of my necessary entertainment for my leisure time too.

What about you? How do you deal your stress in your working time?

I would love to hear the answers from you! Please comment!



One thought on “The breakdown of overworking

  1. Did you write that article about me😁. Everyone always tells me I work to much. Good points in this article. I didn’t realize the Japanese culture had that issue. Lots of good information that I didn’t know about.


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