1991, the original one

The fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast (original fairy tale from France)  is one of the classic Disney animation that we are all remembering since 1991 with the total box office for $425 million against budget of $25 million as well as the animation gained a critical acclaim from the critics and audience from around the World. Not only the film makes the famous story-line in the film itself but also it creates a breakthrough for Celine Dion who starts becoming a famous singer in the USA after she released the song of the same movie name duet with Peabo Bryson. So, in my reminiscence in the movie and the song; I watched the story in a live-action version releasing in cinema during 2017, which has a casting of Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and many famous actors.


The single “Beauty and the Beast” by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson

Synopsis of the story

Once upon a time, Belle who lives in a small village along with his father are surrounding with people who think that she is an odd funny girl in amidst she has her beauty different from the rest of women in the village. The man named Gaston who has tamed all of the women in the village except Bell who doesn’t fall with him at all. Gaston tried to ask her to marry him continuously and of course, She gives “no” for every time he did. The dream that Belle always wish is for her to leave out of this idly village and go for the new adventure. One day, her father is captured by the arrogant “Beast,” the prince who doesn’t know the meaning of love and cursed by the Enchantress who he was disdaining before he turned to a monster. Belle sacrificed for freedom for her father’s sake and starting her new time with the Beast and his servants who are cursed into animated items by the Enchantress. With a word from the Enchantress to the Beast and his servants, he must learn how to love and be loved by the lover to turn back into a humanity. Will Beauty (Belle) and the Beast (The Prince) find their love in each other within the Enchanted Castle?

Why I recommended this live-action version?

The movie stays its originality from the one that most people have spectated in 1991 as the story-line has a very little change in term of the plot and some characters but I am really glad that the main theme and its main story-line doesn’t have any violate with the original one at all. From the moment I watched the movie, I feel that Emma Watson and Dan Stevens have done an amazing job portraying as Belle and the Beast. Emma Watson in the movie is totally different from the one who was in the “Harry Potter” because in her role, she looks very mature and very beautiful for her portrayal as “Belle” who takes her maturity changing the Beast’s heart into his kindness attitude rather than the former one “arrogant.” Emma Watson did a great job transitioning herself into this new role of character. The portrayal of Beast by Dan Stevens is fitted very well connecting the one from 1991 within the role spontaneously and I can sense his natural acting from the transition when his personality has turned from Violent one into a delightful one smoothly. Last but not least, every supporting actors in the film especially the Beast’s Servants have done an outstanding job giving us a humorous moment in amidst of dramatic events in the film.

That’s why I totally recommended you to watch this film, reminiscing our old day movie within the new casts and new transition to the real movements within as old as time this version of the movie “Beauty and the Beast.”



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