Retail Apocalypse?

In amidst of the soaring digital era, there are many superstores in the United States and many countries around the World having large numbers of new competitors such as Amazon, ebay, and bunch of E-commerce businesses took over the market in the present day, which led to the term that the experts signified this era as “Retail Apocalypse.”

What is the impact in the era of “Retail Apocalypse?”

Sears has been in a deficit number for many years now, maybe for the decades already, within a more competitive market share not only other retail chains, but also an e-commerce company that keep its rapid growth every year as people gain an online shopping easier and easier with more convenience in their life.

As E-commerce are growing, Sears is going an opposite way as the company keeps shutting down an enormous number of stores every year as well as some other retail chains such as Kohl’s, Macy’s , and J.C. Penney that have a lower sales revenue than in the last decade.

But believe it or not!

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, And Home Goods Stores Ahead Of The TJX Cos. Earnings Figures
T.J, Maxx saw its sales increase by 3% to $7.8 billion in the first quarter of the year. Known for its marked down prices on high-end brands, It has also opened 65 new stores in 2017, according to an IHL analysis.

There are some retailers who still making well-profit within the Retail Apocalypse era as well as they may be thrived from a digital era instead of falling down from the market.

According to an information from TIME Money in June 29th 2017), it’s reporting that there are six stores who still doing great in their businesses such as T.J. Max, Zara, Sephora. Dollar general, Nordstorm, and Walmart as well as those stores planned to opened more there stores in this year.

Walmart is a great example for many companies to follow in Retail industry as the company has changed its marketing strategy more oriented to the digital era by integrating digital and physical in one reaching out new millennial customers who are more frequently shop online nowadays.

Here’s how Walmart assimilates their retail industry to an e-commerce era by The Walmart pickup!

Just order online and then pick up paying our stuffs electronically without wasting an hour wandering around in a supercentre finding what you want exactly, just search what you want in Online and let the Walmart pick up the items for you without paying extra delivery cost, lastly all you need to do is going to Walmart pickup grocery after 2-4 hours of your order!

Sounds like a great option for busy people, right?

More surprise knowledge!

Did you know that right now also established their retail strategy as well? In recent years, Amazon has opened Amazon books for seven locations, the first one is in University Village, Seattle, Washington. This actually tells us that a retail market is still necessary for everyone even the technology era keeps growing up.

Let’s check out Amazon books’ shop in NYC and how it is working!

Thank you very much for understanding how physical touch with books and many other stuffs still necessary for us to choose what we want Amazon! I am also one of the people who love to buy a physical book within a retail rather than Online or E-books as I am also the one who also loves keeping in touch with paper texture when I am reading or flipping on each page in the book. This Amazon’s decision is really remarkable prove that the retail does still have a main role for our marvelous shopping experience and the retails can survive by integrating digital and physical together with a big change like what Walmart and Amazon books do.

I believe that if the retail chains has a changing positive mindset and adapting to the changing world by conforming digital and physical ensemble; The retail industry can still live on as well as flourishing their business with the viable technology industry!


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