Macau: “Vegas of Asia” part 2

On previous week, we have learned a brief history of Macau. There are a lot of things for you to enjoy in the little islands here. Not only they offered you a luxury hotel room with a reasonable price, but also the city is very well-known for historical places as well as a variety choice for a place to eat in Macau and there are also many places to shop and bet your money.

Landmark that you shouldn’t miss!

Image result for senado square Macau
Senado Square


The ruins of St. Paul







The ruins of Saint Paul Church is a landmark that you shouldn’t miss here, if you haven’t visited this place, people might think that you do really miss a must go place in Macau. The Saint Paul church was created during the time period that Portuguese Catholics want to spread out their religions to Macanese people during the colonized period. But then, the fire has burned in Church in a later time in which today, the remaining structure is just left only the front of Church as the rest of the church was destroyed already, this place is located near the Senado Square where you can find Portuguese architecture-style buildings around as well as there are a lot of shopping places and things to eat there as well.

Things to do: shopping, eating, and betting.

Casino in Macau does have a wide range of betting pool from a minimum 100 Hong Kong dollars to a very high level of betting pool in Casino. You can find many games from Blackjack, Hi-low dices, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, and many others.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ blackjack

Where to go and What should you buy for shopping in Macau?

You will find a lot of jewelry shop, bakery shop, and many brand names on the streets surrounding the square as well as in the square itself. Not only you can find many shops in the square, but also most of Grand Casinos in Macau do have their own spaces of shopping area within the casino and hotel. You find numerous brand name shops just in the casino such as Gucci, Prada, Rolex, and many other high-end brands.

But if you aren’t a big fan of brand name stuff, there are a lot of distinct products that you can’t find in your country that are sold in a local shops in the city such as Shark fins, numbers of choices from Chinese sauces and Chinese seasonings, and many others. Plus, if you are a wine-lover and/or also loving other alcoholic drinks; Some beer cans in the supermarket are less than a dollar, that’s telling you already that you are in the right place, many supermarkets in Macau have a wide range of drinks to choose within an inexpensive price comparing to many other countries as this country has a low rate of taxes on Alcohol.

Finally, Things to eat!

Food selection here is really in a huge array for choosing, you can find an enormous kind of restaurants in the city; I have seen many different kind of cuisine restaurants within the city from Asian cuisine to European cuisine here. It’s really up to you what kind of food do you like.

Here’s my recommendation:

“Roasted Barbecue Pigeon”

Chinese cuisine in Macau is very delicious and having a rich flavor of many ingredients that you couldn’t find in your country. The great example dishes that you should try in their Chinese restaurant are their Chinese roasting barbecue goose and pigeon. Trust me, those ingredients are actually very delightful and have a richer flavor than ducks and chickens combining together. You should try it once you got to Macau as well as there are assorted various choice of stir fried vegetable dishes as well as Dim Sums that you should try out too.

Xiao Long Bao is one of the greatest dim sum dish that I like in Macau, the pork inside the flour is really tender, trust me!

Macau is also very well known for the Portuguese history too, so why don’t you grab this chance grabbing your seats on a Portuguese restaurant here, I believe many people are actually missed out a cool opportunity to try out a new food here!

Let’s check it out y’all:

“Here’s the Portuguese restaurant that I tried out in Macau, which is in the Senado Square.”

20170410_112746.jpgOur first appetizer dish is a three kind salad from Chickpeas, Octopus, and Pig ear cooked with their seasoned olive oil salad dressing along with hot bread and olives. The taste is in a Mediterranean style and its dressing fits with all of the three ingredients amazingly well!


20170410_114018.jpgOur second dish is Roasted clams in a white wine, the clams were pretty large and fitting well with a tender wine, which giving a great sensation of taste of Portuguese cuisine that focus their authentic seafood quality going very well with white wine from Portugal.

Cod cream.jpgOur third dish is Cod baked with cream, the fish was still tender after it was cooked in an oven as well as the cream is perfectly suiting well.

You know, it was my first time of trying Portuguese cuisine; overall, I’m very enjoying this experience as I got into their cuisine within their authenticity to the Mediterranean style giving a sense of seafood ingredients!

Don’t miss thing to try here!

The dessert that you must eat in Macau is Egg Tart!

Related imageEgg Tart in Macau is actually made in a similar way as the Portuguese one in Portugal as I told you that Macau was a Portuguese colony in the last century. So, many bakeries in Macau are all very well known for egg tarts as a great choice of snacks to have here. I tried out the tart from Koi Kei Bakery here, The tart has a very authentic taste and a rich flavor of egg within the tart from a just done-timing oven as well as the crust is so crispy and inside of tart is so fluffy, which is given by the egg.

How do you enjoy my experience in Macau so far?

You can shoot me a question in comment if you want to ask a question here.

I totally recommend your holiday in Macau if you desire to have an Asian tourism within a Vegas atmosphere! Plus, it’s one of the best place you can find the best taste of food in the World!


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