The effective ways of learning languages

Language is no doubt necessary for us to communicate on each other in a daily life.

From all around the World, there are an enormous numbers of languages, which a usage of language is depending on their origin as well as a sphere of influence that make people do speak in each language. As we all know, English is a global language that most people from around the world understand their distinct cultures between one another with this language, but there are still a lot of them who speak the language in a very little competence or some of them may be unable to speak any English while they can write it. It sounds bizarre, isn’t it?

I like to share my experiences speaking why do many Asians still can’t speak English pretty well comparing to many other countries in Europe, Oceania or the Americas.

From what I have observed in many schools in Thailand and when I had a conversation with a person from a different country. Those schools are focusing on grammar study rather than a basic language skill in the beginning. Think about it, how are we beginning to learn our mother tongue language in the first place. Do we write first? Do we read first? No, it is absolutely not, listening and speaking are the earliest step for our first learning language that is taught by our beloved parents! Most of our parents are teaching us to call daddy, mommy, and then many other basic words for us to follow what they said, which is also a part of listening skill before we are moving on to our next step of learning language.

Why leaning grammar before speaking and listening is not a good idea?

The number one reason that Many people from Thailand are afraid to speak English to people from other countries because they are in fear of getting humiliated by make an error in grammar, and thinking that the people will laugh out their faulty in the conversation. As their timid attitude still conquers their limit to practice their English, they are growing slowly and maybe stay still in their ability at the time.

The other reason is many people don’t step out their comfort zone and having a little opportunity to use the language. When I was in Sarasas Ektra School (a bilingual school, which taught in English and Thai in the classrooms) from 2003-2012, most of my peers weren’t paying attention to foreign teachers’ classes in the school as well as shouting out loud in Thai Languages while teachers asked them to calm down their noise in the class, which lead enthusiastic students in the class ending up learned nothing from the teachers. And guess what, some of my friends from the same school still can’t speak English competently enough to a basic communication.

Let’s see how Koreans respond to the basic English questions:

My languages’ experiences

From the moment that I had spent my primary school years, I did spend a lot of my time talking and making a conversation with English teachers from many countries without fear of making a mistake in which later, this habitual led me thinking English within my head many even when I wasn’t with the people who speak in English. I do consider English and Thai are both of my primary languages as English is my most frequent usage language since I was in a youth age while Thai is my original language as my parents are Thais. Currently, I still practice French for my new language competence; I had studied in Alliance Francaise Bangkok for 2 years.

My final thoughts

From the latest class schedule that I had in this January, I dissatisfied with last teacher that I had in the institute because he is mainly focusing on reading and writing skills rather than listening and speaking skills. So, I stopped attending his class in May semester as what he taught isn’t what I want for myself as I am more desiring to understand what are they speaking about rather than just knowing the words that appear on the newspaper.

Even though…

I’m not studying in Alliance Francaise @ Bangkok anymore, I still can speak and understand French fairly if the conversation or the sound dialogue don’t go too fast. 2 days ago, I talk with another French professor in its language who is also teaching in AF, I told him that I will go to Canada for my further study and I am going to learn French language over there too as Canada has a significant number of Francophone community, which giving an amazing opportunity for me to improve my speaking skills and my listening skills as the community can drive me into a practical learning for pushing up myself.

As I believe that be able to hearing and communicating with people is more effective to learn as you can get into touch of what they have said about themselves as well as getting in touch with their culture deeper than just reading the history of it from the magazine. The professor agreed with what I said about learning in a different atmosphere may effects your learning process and well as he wished me for best to learn a new experience in Canada.


Don’t be afraid making a mistake as its mistake is also a part of our learning lesson for better ourselves. Grammar maybe important in term of writing and reading circumstances but as long as you know and be able to communicate with others, they will be very happy to give your help and especially, you may gain a new friend by the time you get to them basically as well as he/she will guide you more knowledge of their language to you.

So, If you are desiring to learn a new language, first of all thing that you need to know is that your confident to speak out practicing it with the people, I believe that they are enjoying your try and they will be very happy to hear an interesting person like you who reach their cultural identity with their language!




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