Motivation for the word “Success”

Yesterday’s article about J.K. Rowling gives us a great motivation for us to follow our ambition and make a successful life in future. As you read from the author’s early life, obstacles & setbacks, and her first achievement that led her becoming who she is today; her tipping point to success has also happened in many people successful lives as well during their moment that they have learned from their failure and their setbacks in life. I do love to share what attributes can lead us into the word “Success”.

The motives that can lead you ahead of others and becoming successful in your life:

  1. “Dare to begin,” you won the first step for getting into the word as you moves ahead of the other kind of person who isn’t willing to take a move and also being a steady water in a glass, not developing skills. Remember, you can pass the others as anytime when you are moving forward while the other one is staying still.
  2. “Finding an opportunity,” the success may not come out with only efforts as you need a chance to learn into a higher level as you need your know-how to be able climbing up a mountain, which is a tremendous and rigor stage of your life. That’s why you need to find an answer of what, where, and how to make your dream road’s sight becoming more visible by climbing up in a higher level of the mountain seeking a way to achieve your goals.
  3. “Self-acceptance,” from What I have seen in my experiences, we all are learning from out faults, errors, and failures in which turned into our wonderful lessons that guide us to achievement. Takes your failure and accepting your mistake and then, starting anew within your heart. if we open our heart to learn not getting fear of failure, you will gain an important key to flip from failure to success; all you need for the rest is the time to find where is the lock and then turn it to the success. In out of nowhere, you may get on top of that mountain by passing many obstacles that you have ever fell down once in your life, it’s a proud of your achievement.
  4. “Go further,” The success isn’t coming only one in your life as you are the one who deciding what you are going to do in your life. Keep moving and pushing forward of your word of “success” throughout your life as there’s no limit of the word “creation” as you keeps imagining and track all the way through,
  5. “Keeps your inspiration,” your idol or your hero is a light for your meaning of life that keep you thinking of your goals in your life. Keep their legacy in your soul and continuing their words and history into a future generation with a generous well-meaning.

What about you?

What are your ideas of making a person’s becoming a successful person? Do you have any idol in your life that do you like to tell us? Please comment on the post and we all love to seek out those for our site “Optimism”, making people to think and create positiveness in life!




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