Who is owner of the time?

Everyone does have their own lifestyle and we all would have each stage of our life to pursue on. We all have one same thing in our life, it is a moment of time mode from an early morning to a late late night, but it can be different as we are the one who decide how are we going to use life.

By the perspective of office man:

Sunrise shone up in a bright peach sky
As a sign of day for us to begin
Light in every morning wakes up our eyes
Urge us to get up and start our day

Straight up to the clock and run to bath
Quick showering body and brushing teeth
Moves on rapidly grab breakfast as there
No more time to be late, runs right to work

As the time race, the man rushes from home
Competing with a beating tickling clock
Beware of penalty from Boss if late
Fight with time for satisfaction of boss

Gets into the office on time rightly
The boss appears looking at the number
Giving a big smile for the on time man
As the clock shows number nine with two Os


By the perspective of model:

Image result for runway spotlight         In amidst of before fashion runway
Every girl is all in front of mirror
Making up their face for a vain beauty
Builds up for a state of attraction

           As all paint is done on faces to show
Girls lined up waiting for a spotlight
Their stage has shone as a white flash comes
Breathing out before its stage begins

Related image          Music tune has begun as its show found
The girls walk vigorously and fiercely
Showing their beautiful face and body
Letting people know their shiny appear

          The show ends for good by girls’ confidence
As the late night comes after the runway done
All are in a celebration as well as
Parties has gone on from Dusk til Dawn

As you read these poems, have you realized that your lifestyle gone together with a time schedule? It’s not a time who choose, but it is you who choose what to do in the beginning of your lifestyle and you are the one who can choose to have an optimistic life too!


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