Joy is based on true story from today’s successful businesswoman named “Joy Mangano” where she found her success by a product called “Miracle Mop” in 1990s. This film, the protagonist is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning actress.

The main elements of this film

Joy Mangano was a young child who has a creative mind loving to form a shape of variety things by just paper but her happy childhood has turned upside down after her parents got into a divorce as well as her time in young adult she had a problem with her then husband and taking her own main responsibility taking care her three children by herself.

The rigor challenge of trying to start her own business  is the main theme of this film where you can find her adventure from a tipping point of her life to an obstacle in which she required facing to become rich and successful like her today’s life. Not only its story scrutinize about her idea which leads to an outstanding achievement, but also you can find your motivation how to turn your troubles into a triumph in amidst of problematic events from both personal and business matters.

In the middle of your life’s journey, there are always a group of people who still support you. Joy’s family members, and her friend are really staying besides her journey to success pushing her into one of a self-made millionaire in the United States.

My favorite scene in this film

I love the scene where Joy was having a stage frightened during the first time she presented her product on TV shopping network by herself. This scenario let us know that at least in a between of our career, there will be one moment of time that we all remembered in the past what we have achieved in that period where wouldn’t believe that we could be here if we haven’t crossed our fear. Here’s some of my favorite scenes:

After Joy’s salesperson on TV failed presenting her product, she decided presenting what she got by herself and you shouldn’t miss what I mean by watching this movie; despite she had never been on TV, What a dare decision Joy!

Why do I recommend this film?

Jennifer Lawrence did a great job portraying the character who had fought with a hardship in her life reflecting how the prosperous person handles a problem and turning its into a success in an astute way.

Related image
“Joy and her Miracle mop”

From the true story of Joy Mangano, this businesswoman proved that there’s always a silver-lining in a middle of problem where you find in your life. Her first product “The miracle mop” was invented because Joy had realized a trouble with an ordinary mop where you might be cutting from a sharp scrap within a mop as well as it was difficult to clean the ordinary mop. That’s how she came out with the creation, which make our house chores becoming easier after her products were sold well all across the USA and around the world.


In my opinion, Joy’s an amazing model for us striving our goal becoming a successful one like her. Joy proved that as long as we are facing our problems without running away or avoiding; we will get stronger and stronger in which will lead us into a peaking point of life with our strength that we had pushed forward everyday!


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