Life and Journey

What’s the meaning of life?

Life is a form of spirit within body. From every range of age from baby stage to elder stage, our head is always welcoming a new knowledge to gain everyday. The growing process depends on where do people go and how do people learn.

What’s Journey?

Journey is your adventure where you find your new vision and ideas within a new experience that you gain by moving to a new place or travelling. It’s considering as a big chance for your self-discovery in freedom, independence, and ambition.

For me, life can be an opportunity for both others and myself joining our skills , and then creating new things together especially when life and journey are combined together in which will create your new individuality.

What’s journey bringing to life?

Birth, the manifestation of spirit
Does contain in both body and soul form
Ensemble, gives our opportunity
Within your period from young to elder

Life is beautiful for its direction
We all can choose a different pathway
Destination which you wish for is
A dream journey where your strive heading

Your beginning starts with empty hands
All by yourself and stand with nobody
But do not worry, as you keep moving on
Happy people in town are joy to give

By the help from people in the new land
You find your new aspect of life to join
Realized your transforming heart-soul by
learning and yielding new things everyday

The givings from those grant your new idea
Within physical and Wisdom attribution
Your growth experience will find a meaning
Of what we have known as new creation.

There are many good people out there to help you getting to your dream. So, Don’t let the horrible people fool you because you are truly the only one who can decide how you want your life to be!






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