Will Internet kill television stars?

Have you ever heard the song named “Video killed the radio star” by The Buggles (The only song of the band that topped UK single chart and Euro music charts) from 1979? It is a song describing how the invention of video and television makes radio becoming less popular for people in that era.

“Video killed the radio star
Video killed the radio star
In my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far
Pictures came and broke your heart
Put down the blame on VCR”-The bridge of the song.

What does the song tell you?

The song describes how the new thing can attract you getting into a new tread instead of the other one that you used to spend time for the most of your life as well as it’s describing how TV was antagonized against Radio stars as it stole many radio listeners from the radio stars and turning the listeners into TV watchers; The development of media choices guide us into a dynamic change in our lifestyle.

Here’s how the logical consequences happening in our chronicle’s cycle:

Before we have TV networks, we were all using a radio for our entertainment purposes whether you are at home or in the car.

Next period, TV has invented and many people turned their viewership to Television as TV can give a better sense of explaining than the radio does.

Then, Youtube has created in our Cyber world, which lead us being able to watch our videos in anytime and anywhere.

Lastly, there are more business models creating an app or a program to subscribe our membership with cheap fees per month to enjoy our movies by streaming like Netflix for an example.

As well as:

Before there’s DVD and Blu-ray, people were watching their movies by VCR.

By the time DVD was invented, less people were buying VCR players and they were lured to purchase DVDs players because of its more convenience collecting DVDs rather than collecting VCR as well as DVDs have a better quality of its resolution image.

Then, people downloaded their movies from Online shopping, which give an accessible immediately after you made your payment without waiting for DVDs.

And now, We can access to our entertainment by just subscribing your membership on Netflix to enjoy your various choices of movies!

Let’s see how the kids reacting to VCR setting!

How does the modern technology like Internet and social media effect to TV industry?

When I observed TV ratings before and after Internet has come to play a huge impact in our society. In average. TV ratings in the past popular TV shows has a significant higher viewership and its ratings than today’s television series.

Let’s comparing between the viewership in 1990s TV show (Friends) and 2010s TV show (The Big Bang Theory), Both of them are the popular shows in their decades and let’s see how they were both doing in 9th season of their show.

Friends season 9 ratings.png

The big bang theory (season 9) ratings.jpg

If you do the math to get an average viewership’s numbers of both shows (Not including DVR ratings), Friends got a higher numbers of viewership in average against The Big Bang Theory by 8.6 million viewers ( Friends 23.86 m. vs. The BBT 15.21 m.)

You see a significant difference from both shows’ numerical data, don’t you?

Well, The Big Bang Theory actually doesn’t hurt from this number’s difference because the gap of people who are watching the show from other sources of Digital players aren’t including in the data yet. While Friends in that era has a higher number of viewership, the tv show might have a less viewership in total because of that time, Internet, social media, and streaming wasn’t accessible like the World we’re living today.

With streaming, DVR systems, and TV online subscribing online such as Hulu, Netflix, or even its TV network CBS (also putting the episode online in few days later) , The 9th season of Big Bang Theory may have a higher rating than Friends actually did in its 9th season.

In my conclusion…

howard stern.jpg
Howard Stern, The radio host of ‘The Howard Stern Show” in Sirius XM Radio

I like to say that Internet doesn’t kill TV stars but it’s actually creating more paths for the entertainers to spread out their influences and their expressions wider than it used to be as well as in reality, Video doesn’t really kill the radio stars as we’re still listening our radio from our car; Think about it, Howard Stern is a radio star who’s still famous in Sirius XM Radio until present, right? Not only he’s still famous in the radio, but also worked as the judge in America’s Got Talent from 2012-15, he actually gain more network to reach out his audience from the social media and TV.

The Internet does actually give us more alternative option for us to enjoy at anytime, anywhere instead of missing our TV shows in the Past. All of choices in media are actually leading us to grow more within the diversity and the wider world that we’re living. All the TV stars need is actually just an adjustment changing its tactic from traditional TV marketing to a Multi-proposed marketing to reach an audience from different source of media.

If you think it as this way, we’re actually having more access to a new learning opportunity, which guide us to the optimistic view, don’t you think so?


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